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Welcome to my web page.

I am currently Assistant Professor (tenure track) in Philosophy of Law at University of Catania, Italy.

I am a Philosopher of Economics and Law, but I prefer to call myself a ‘Humanomist’: a researcher, searching for the human, or trying to make sense of our common humanity.

I am currently working on a long term research project, tentatively titled “Homo Contribuens”, where I am focusing on complementary or conflicting ways in which we can contribute to the common good and take care of our common humanity. Modernity woke up to the cry of “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”, but then fell asleep on ‘Fraternity’.

Hence, I started exploring:

  1. the problematic relationships between the different concepts of solidarity and those of freedom and equality;
  2. the tension between forms of institutionalized solidarity vs. spontaneous solidarity, such as Welfare State vs. Third sector, Taxation vs. Gift, Justice vs. Charity, and possible ‘third ways’, such as Percentage Tax Designations Institutions on which I’m developing a theoretical and empirical research;
  3. the need to rearticulate the notions of fiscal justice and reciprocity implied by the fiscal contract, understood as a key component of the social contract.